Text form software for the forward thinking company.

Newlight is a dynamic, flexible and scalable mobile application that gives your business direct control of the data you capture in the field. The application easily scales from capturing simple answers to a questionnaire to coordinating/capturing the daily activities of your employees. The application is not restricted to having a permanent mobile data connection and it will continue to work in locations where you have no mobile signals. Once a mobile data connection is available, all cached data is automatically sent back to your head office.

The flexible architecture used within the application does away with the creation of bespoke data entry screens and does not require new software versions to be deployed to the mobile device. You have the option of deciding which mobile devices receive which data entry screens so as to tailor your data entry screens to the requirements of your individual employees.

The RESTful API’s allow you to integrate the application into your head office system so as to automate the sending of new items of work to your employees and to automate the input of the captured data on the mobile device into your head office system.


  • Push work straight from your head office system to the mobile device
  • Retrieve work from the mobile device directly into your head office system
  • Mobile users can generate their own work records
  • Works in locations where there is no phone reception
  • Dynamic data entry screens
  • Linked work records to one another
  • Optional and compulsory work items
  • Inbuilt support for reading Barcodes
  • Record Images via the camera and upload them to head office
  • Capture a customer’s Signature
  • GPS tracking
  • Google maps integration for navigational assistance to get to the job

The software is compatible with any Android based devices running Android Lollipop (5.1) or newer.

The mobile user guide can is available for download from here and the configuration guide for setting up the application is available for download from here.

To download the software for the mobile device you must first register and the sign in.

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